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Karen Loesing LPTA, CEAS, owner of The Ergonomic Expert  based in Agoura Hills, California performs ergonomic evaluations for many clients including the entertainment industry, insurance companies (preventative and worker’s compensation), banks, school districts and other businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura county.

Karen is The Ergonomic Expert

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Karen Loesing LPTA, CEAS, The Ergonomic Expert, carries more than 25 years of experience in the office-related injury and physical therapy field.

Working in physical therapy orthopedic clinics has provided Karen with experience in recognizing the importance of preventative intervention when it comes to office work. The knowledge of how one works on a daily basis is crucial to treatment.

Our goal is to turn the ordinary office workstation into an inviting environment that not only encourages a healthier lifestyle, but also increases productivity.

Because one size does not fit all, we will educate you to have the right workstation set up.

The Ergonomic Expert performs ergonomic evaluations for both individuals and companies. Extensive experience in the entertainment industry, insurance companies (preventative and worker’s compensation), banks, school districts, hospitals and other businesses in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys and  more.




EMAIL: karen@theergonomicexpert.com

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