The Answer Is A Resounding “YES”!

Benefits of Good Posture:

  • Allows for easier respiration as you are putting your diaphragm in the optimal position for breathing, which can reduce pain.
  • By eliminating pain from poor posture, you’re more likely to live an active lifestyle, which we all know isn’t achieved from sitting behind a computer all day.
  • Headaches often start in the base of your neck and can often be eliminated by correcting that “turtle neck” posture.
  • If this isn’t enough motivation, consider that studies have found that poor posture often equals poor self-esteem. Does this describe someone you know or even yourself?
  • Proper posture reduces back and neck pain, alleviate headaches, it encourages confidence and even helps you look taller and slimmer!

Quick and easy fixes to improve your posture:

  • The key to encourage better posture is to make sure that the monitor is at the correct height and distance (roughly an arms length and eye level with the bottom of the task bar).
  • Simple exercises such as the “Chin Tuck” and the “Butterfly” target the neck and upper back muscles and are simple tricks that can be performed fast and efficiently at break time.

The Chin Tuck – A Neck Strengthening and Posture Exercise – video courtesy of Olympia Sports Chiropractor, Kelly Golob DC.

The Butterfly Stretch – Place your hands behind your head, as shown, and press to open up the chest and squeeze the shoulder blades.





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