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An evaluation can turn the ordinary office workstation into an inviting environment that not only encourages a healthier lifestyle, but also increases productivity. The evaluation can serve as a preventative measure, or it can be used when an employee is already under the care of a physician. It is recommended that employees are being addressed for even the smallest complaint to avoid missed work time and decreased productivity.

The Ergonomic Expert will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you or your employee in their work space or remotely. The ergonomic evaluation will include observing and photographing the user’s current workstation. A typical evaluation will include on the spot changes, postural education, and discussion of daily work habits. A “risk assessment” is recorded prior to changes being made on-site.

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Providing immediate intervention, a remote evaluation can assist employees working from home or office. Assessments can be performed via telephone or web cam providing personalized recommendations and support. A follow up is always recommended if new equipment or desk modifications have been implemented.

This budget friendly option is a “lifesaver” for those suddenly challenged working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A one-on-one employee evaluation that includes workstation assessment and adjustment, photos, RULA scoring and equipment recommendations if needed.

RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment). RULA is a screening tool that assesses biomechanical and postural loading on the whole body with particular attention to the neck, trunk and upper limbs. The RULA measurement evaluates the exposure of the worker to ergonomic risk factors associated with upper extremity MSDs. MSDs can occur with high task repetition, forceful exertions and repetitive and sustained awkward postures.

This evaluation includes a four-page report covering employee’s personal and symptomatic history, along with on-site changes and facility and equipment recommendations.


An abbreviated evaluation to help employees who require minimal, yet valuable instruction to help them achieve the best working environment possible. The Ergonomic Expert offers the mini-evaluation as a lower cost option on the road to correct ergonomic adjustment.

This evaluation and one-on-one checklist includes onsite changes and facility and equipment recommendations. (Minimum volume required.)



Power Point presentation and instructional seminar given to a group of employees that addresses workplace safety and other key ergonomic issues. Ergonomics training enables employees to notice, find and fix the ergonomics problems in your work environment.


Instructional course given to your in-house safety team that helps them identify and solve basic ergonomic issues in the workplace and institute an effective, company-wide program. We train the trainers.


The Ergonomic Expert can manage a booth at your company’s health fair and demonstrate the fundamentals of ergonomics in the workplace. We provide demonstrations of proper posture and the proper use of office equipment including the right chair and screen height, as well as other factors of desk ergonomics. We can customize your booth according to company needs. Simple changes to the arrangement of equipment can increase productivity and decrease the pain caused by poor posture.

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