That is to say, don’t do anything related to ergonomic organization of your business. Simply allow the employees the autonomy to custom tailor their desk environments for themselves. That has always been the way of the small business.

When the average small business owner sets up her/his desk and the desks of the employees, it is done intuitively. It’s pretty simple stuff; right? A desk here, an adjustable chair there – monitor, keyboard and mouse set up just like anyone else would do it. Put a telephone off to the side, and maybe there is a headset or wireless option. These are the basics. Are they not?

You certainly can’t just decide to take up bowling for a living as an alternative. This is just one focus of a professional ergonomic consultant.



Karen Losing, CEAS – The Ergonomic Expert, in Agoura Hills, CA is an ergonomic consultant. Her business clients all share one common goal. They all want to avoid accidents and injuries at their place of work.

From an insurance perspective, it is one of the most costly issues that you actually have control over. Taxes and other fixed business expenses are what they are, but the quality and healthy design of the work place is something over which decision makers do have control.

CWCI reported: “…California lawmakers have enacted major workers’ compensation reforms on multiple occasions, usually with the stated intent of reducing friction and expense within the system,” the report said. “Yet, despite those efforts, the litigation rate has nearly doubled for all workers’ compensation claims, and more than tripled for claims involving lost time.”


You don’t even want to read the statistics regarding work place related lower back injuries. You ought to believe in tales like this – because you’re in one. Insurance claims are among the most costly matters facing businesses today. The greater the stakes, the greater the need for risk management of this kind.

And regarding the expense of having an ergonomic specialist like Karen Loesing, CEAS professionally assess your environment and make recommendations regarding the correctness of your work place, I can only say this: “Price is a one-time thing. Cost is a life time thing”, and the cost of doing nothing could be an OOB thing.

Call The Ergonomic Expert @818.451.8008 for a free phone consultation and lower your risks right now!





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