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  • Allianz, Fireman’s Fund and Sedgwick
  • Ama Waterways-Calabasas
  • Anchor Loans – Calabasas
  • Aramark, Burbank
  • Blackline – Woodland Hills
  • BRGS Law firm – Encino
  • Castle & Cooke-Westlake Village
  • Chase, One West Union & Union Bank
  • City of Costa Mesa
  • City of Downey
  • City and County  – Los Angeles
  • City of Thousand Oaks
  • Conejo Parks & Recreation – Thousand Oaks
  • Dev Express – Burbank
  • Disney – Burbank
  • Elite Airways – Westlake Village
  • Energy Loan Network-Simi Valley
  • ESI Motion – Simi Valley
  • Galpin Auto Group
  • HBO – Santa Monica
  • HealthNet – Woodland Hills
  • HJ Landscape – Moorpark
  • Kaiser Permanente – Burbank
  • Majestic Assests Management – Agoura Hills
  • Netflix
  • NVA – Agoura Hills
  • NBC/Universal/Dreamworks
  • Reiter Affiliated Companies – Oxnard
  • Rusnak Auto Group – Thousand Oaks & Pasadena
  • Saticoy Lemon – Oxnard
  • Scosche – Oxnard
  • Sony, Paramount and Fox Studios – Los Angeles
  • St. Vincent Hospital & Valley Presbyterian Hospital – Los Angeles
  • UCLA
  • Ventura County Sanitation District
  • Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard & Santa Paula School Districts
  • Virgin Hyperloop One-Los Angeles
  • VS Media – Agoura Hills
  • Walzer Melcher Yoda LLC

The Ergonomic Expert performs ergonomic evaluations for both individuals (home and business offices) and companies throughout Southern California. Remote evaluations can be performed from anywhere including international clients. 
Extensive experience in the entertainment industry, insurance companies (preventative and worker’s compensation), banks, school districts, hospitals and other businesses in the Los Angeles area. 


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Satifisfied client reviews

Ergonomics Evaluation on 4/15/2019

Things worked well for us; Karen is the extreme professional, yet made one feel as if they’ve known her forever! She showed me things that I didn’t know existed regarding raising my keyboard; I could never get it to the level she did. Karen is very personable, yet extremely helpful.  😊



I am so happy that my employer hired The Ergonomic Expert to look at my work set up.

I have been having so many issues with my right wrist and shoulder and I didn’t know why. I thought I had pretty good equipment and a decent chair but apparently I wasn’t using anything correctly.

Karen was very thorough in her evaluation and even though my biggest complaint was my right wrist, she revised my entire workstation and I feel not only educated but I know what to look out for if I start to have any more problems.

I would highly recommend Karen for an ergonomics consultation.

Brent R.

Thousand Oaks

We were very happy with The Ergonomic Expert. Karen came to our office to give us an evaluation and suggestions on how to improve our work stations. She was not pushy and trying to sell us stuff we don’t really need. She was very sweet and knowledgeable.

She explained clearly what should to be done and why, and adjusted her suggestions to fit to our budget . Since we made the changes she recommended, we personally feel better and our employees seem to be more comfortable, so they’re taking less breaks.

We loved the chair she recommended so much, we got one for our home office as well. We recommend Karen’s services to anyone we talk to that has a sedentary job. You can’t go wrong here!



Karen has totally changed my life with her ergo evaluation! I had so many issues that were a result of a bad work set up, that I didn’t know how much my body was suffering.

She was thorough, thoughtful and so amazing! I highly recommend her to every work space out there. It is a vital service that everyone should have!

Jonathan L.

North Hollywood

I had been suffering from neck & spinal pain, going home after work extremely fatigued. My boss had Karen come in and observe me while I was working. She recommended “try-out changes” for me. They were simple and easy to adjust to. The changes enabled me to work comfortably, with less pain and fatigue. If you are experiencing similar pain or discomfort while sitting for long periods of time, I highly recommend calling Karen and allowing her to assist you.

Westlake Village

Karen is extremely knowledgeable, organized, detail oriented and analytical regarding ergonomic issues.

As a medical physician, I greatly appreciate someone with this unique set of skills and would highly recommend her without reservation to any person or organization seeking ergonomic advice and guidance.


Woodland Hills

Karen was a great help in improving my work space. She took time to evaluate me and my conditions, and made simple, but valuable, adjustments to help better my chronic back and neck pains.

Ultimately she approaches her work with genuine care, and her clients get to reap the spoils.

Ila P.

Marina del Rey

Karen helped me adjust my work station settings very thoroughly. Within an hour, i already learned a lot about posture and positioning. I am already benefiting after one day.

She is very personable and very professional. I highly recommend!


Los Angeles

Karen came to our office and helped me and my coworkers with our workstations. First she examined our setup, then spent some time asking questions and making useful recommendations. She helped me with my monitor setup and also gave a ton other great ergonomic setup info.
Mehul H.

Thousand Oaks

Thank you, thank you! You have literally changed my life. Prior to meeting you, I was in constant pain. I had headaches all the time and generally felt bad. I knew it was due to my desk set up.

I appreciate the time you took to listen to my complaints, evaluate my situation and for walking me through the steps to get a proper working environment. I learned much about things I can do to help eliminate issues. It has only been a few weeks and it is definitely noticeable.

I hope everyone you work with understands your value. To me, your expertise was priceless.


Thousand Oaks

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