Standing about 33% of your day is a good amount!

Things to Consider when Standing:

  • Do you wear comfortable footwear?
  • Do you have an anti-fatigue mat or a footrest to prop your foot up on?
  • Do I ease into standing or just go for it?
  • Do I still need an ergonomic chair if I invest in a standing desk?
  • When I use my desk in standing, is my monitor still at the correct height?


  • Wearing flats or bare feet are essential to being comfortable in standing
  • Having an anti-fatigue mat or a footrest can help support your lower back
  • Just like exercise, ease into anything new to your routine
    (Check with your doctor if you’re unsure if standing is the right option for you)
  • Don’t ignore your posture when sitting – Remember when you’re standing, you basically have no support so when it’s time to sit, make sure you have the proper chair
  • Consider adding a monitor arm or a monitor riser if you experience neck discomfort when you alternate from sitting to standing postures





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