Do your neck and upper back hurt everyday from working at the computer?  Is it costing you or your employer a fortune?  Or even worse, have you had to file a workman compensation claim because you realize it’s work-related and your personal physician refuses to see you?

Muscle tension and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for nearly 30% of lost time injuries.

At work, the injuries, especially workers compensation claims, may seem obvious when they involve a fall or a trucking accident. But when the injury happens to an office worker at their desk, it may not be so obvious.

Truth is, MSDs account for more than $50 billion in worker’s compensation costs. With healthcare expenses skyrocketing every year, preventative intervention has become the smart choice for major corporations. Whether it’s hectic downtown Los Angeles or the serene Malibu-Agoura Hills area, corporate office or home office, workplace injuries can occur anywhere.

It’s important to identify and remove all risk factors in your workplace.

As ergonomists, that’s what we do.  Most new employees are so happy to have a new job that they don’t consider their immediate workstation.  But the odds of that happy new employee being the same height and size as the previous person at their desk are rare, and the odds of that new employee adjusting their workstation correctly by themselves are even more unlikely.





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